Best buy for a Grey Chick can be 20,000 Rs as … These rings can only be placed on the parrot’s leg at a few weeks old and when it grows into it, it becomes permanent. Commercial African grey parrot food like this also has a vitamin and mineral premix, including cuttlebone as a calcium supplement. Super healthy and tame birds. The nestlings will fledge at 12 weeks and will stay in the family group for 2-3 years as to the age they will sexually mature and may move to another colony for breeding. Apart from home improvement, you also need to know that breeders are required to have a license as per Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) regulations. Some sellers offer free shipping. We have 4 Congo African Grey babies available now! They are known for their ability to talk and mimic human speech and for this reason they are often kept as pets. In perfect health eat tropican food fuits vegetable.Very ussuly with kid other type of parrot same cage dog and cat. This species is considered the most intelligent of parrots and will need enrichment throughout their lives. On average, the African Gray Parrot can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,500, and this is going to depend on the parrot’s age, its appearance, abilities and who you’re purchasing it from. They do nest in colonies and each pair will pick individual trees that they will utilize a tree cavity as their location for laying their eggs. Hygiene Costs – you can buy a parrot nail and feather trimmer which is a surgical stainless steel scissors for $10. They are adorable, playful and love attention! Food Costs – a 4-pound bag of seed mix and dehydrated fruit and vegetables will cost $17. The parrot aligns them for optimum position and removes dirt, dust, or parasites such as lice. The wild population numbers are dwindling in West Africa due to deforestation and trapping for the pet trade. Calcium deficiency can be prevented by almonds and carrots. The prices of the two subspecies of African grey parrot are usually different, with the Congo usually being priced higher. The African Grey Parrot is native to west and central Africa. A built-in play top can save you some space as well. Get more details about Birds breeds, Macaws, African Grey Parrot, Rosella, Cocaktoos characters, prices, colour, activity, sizes, Review & much more. The Timneh African grey’s beak is a pink-horn color with blackish sides on the maxilla, where as the mandible is black. African greys vocalize in the early morning and in the evening before they roost. They have the ability to mimic human speech but not all greys will speak. Our prices for African greys will surprise you. At the age of 18 months or older, the female will have gray edges in the under-tail coverts and the males will have solid red feathers with occasional small white edges. Babies sold out *HOT SALES*. Birdie Brains Aviary specializes in sweet and friendly hand raised Congo African Grey parrots, plus other species! The bottom of the cage must be cleaned daily because dropped food can grow mold and fungi and the poop is conducive to bacteria. This behavior is instinctive to them and helps them shed the outer layer of their beak. The parrot will not be able to put its beak out in a carrier unlike in a cage with wide bar spacing. Lining the bottom with newspapers or brown paper bags is a better choice because you can easily monitor the droppings of the birds and immediately see if something is wrong with them. Note that at least one part of the cage should have horizontally oriented bars so the bird can climb on it. A cracking beak is a sign of methionine deficiency which can be supplemented by potatoes and boiled corn. An older parrot will usually be cheaper especially if it does not bond easily to people. Repetitive diets can cause your parrot to have deficiencies so try to feed it with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds. Other services requiring fees may also be necessary before your pet can enter the country. Before you buy a parrot, you should also consider some additional costs after buying them. As with all pet birds, greys will respond best to positive reinforcement. We are now looking to by to babies or young African Greys Price: R4000 for the pair. When you buy cages like this, they will usually come with casters which are useful for moving the cage around, as well as a removable bottom which makes it easier to clean poop and dropped fruit. This will cost $21. Explore 16 listings for African grey parrots for sale at best prices. Browse through available baby african grey parrots for sale and adoption by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. £1,650. Medical Costs – like other pets, parrots are susceptible to various illnesses. The baby parrot (2 – 3 months old) has to be fed with a special bird food costing a whopping $100, but that is only in the younger stage until it turns two – three years old. Unless ordered by a vet, stay away from commercial supplements as these can easily overdose your pet with vitamins and kill them. A polycarbonate carrier will be lighter than a steel or metal cage. Captive bred parrots can be traded but only if their facilities are registered with CITES. Make sure that these ropes come apart easily because your parrot’s beak and toes can sometimes catch on frays. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. Babies are raised around other pets, are well socialized, and are healthy. When buying an older parrot, its cage and toys will usually be included in the sale. Manchester, Greater Manchester. Between 1980 and 2003 860,000 African Grey Parrots were trapped and exported. If it is, it will be more tame, unlike those reared by their parents in the wild. There will be no need for commercial litter. You may be tempted to buy a second-hand parrot cage to save money but be wary especially if the previous resident of the cage died for unknown reasons. You can also use an emery board for filing the nails but do not start nail trimming until they are old because baby birds need the sharp toes to hold on so they will not fall. Toys – Parrots are intelligent creatures and require a lot of stimuli. Explore 13 listings for African grey for sale in Gauteng at best prices. This article will provide not only the costs of purchasing an African grey parrot including the shelter costs and permits but also the cost of maintenance including food, medical costs, and toys. Find African Grey Parrots for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Baby African Grey Parrots. Some owners recommend a low noise and low vibration electric nail grinder for filing the nails. hi I'm looking for a baby african grey parrot, ideally around 12weeks old. African Greys are most famously known for their high intelligence and fantastic talking abili... $4,500.00 Quick View These can cost $10. Because of this they are close to be at the threatened level as a species. ... Price is more than 30% below the estimated market price for similarly classed vehicles. Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) comes from a virus that cannot be removed by simple disinfecting and is fatal to parrots. 2020-03-20 For Sale/Te Koop. An all-natural manzanita multi-branched perch that the parrot can chew will cost $7. Average Costs and Other One-Time Expenses The typical price range of this type of bird is between $500 and $4,000, with the difference in price depends on a lot of factors like the subspecies, source, age, etc. These also contain phytonutrients not found on commercial feed and are necessary for a strong immune system. 3 are still on 3 feedings per day and are also extremely s... $5,799.99 Each Quick View If you see a parrot with a closed ring, then this indicates a hand-reared parrot. Trained to accept bond with the owner. Baby African grey for sale, very reluctant sale I bought him 2 weeks ago for £2000 for my boys but there not keen off him, he s a lovely parrot very friendly... Click Here To See African Grey Species Information. If your African Grey Parrot loves sounds and music then you should definitely take a look at the range of bells and musical toys on offer. African Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) are a medium size parrot that is short and stocky. The African Greys are considered the most intelligent and the most talented kind of parrot. Todd Marcus Birds Exotic , NJ We Ship. We have 15 Macaw Parrots ads under Animals & Pets category. 1 is weaned and an absolute sweet heart. A health certificate of the pet from a veterinarian will also be required and the cost of this will vary depending on the vet. Shannon Cutts is first and foremost a parrot, tortoise, and box turtle mama. A 10 inches x 12 inches x 15 inches polycarbonate carrier with stainless steel door and back panel will cost $76. Seller takes care for return shipping. It is irresponsible to buy one if you plan on leaving it alone for prolonged periods of time. The average lifespan in the wild is 22 years but can averagely live to 45 years in captivity. We ship throughout the USA. Get the item you ordered or get your money back. The “foot” of the bird should cover 2/3 – 3/4 of the perch. You will find them mostly in forest areas but will feed in the savanna woodlands, plantations and remnant trees around villages. Consumers will not need any license to own them but before buying one, ask your seller for their Article 10 license to ensure that you are buying from a legitimate trader. Greys are extremely intelligent, and are wonderful mimics. At dusk, they will flock in large numbers from far distances to roost together in the tall trees at the edge of the forest. The toys in the cage should be changed out regularly to prevent boredom. ( 1 customer review) 50.00 $. You only have to make sure that the wood is not toxic to your pet. Returns: 30 day returns. A Grey parrot costs around 30,000 Rs to 50,000 Rs and can be much more once when they are tamed. Baby is a very, very sweet female and is... Cincinnati Ohio Pets and Animals 1,100 $. Diet is to be a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables along with selected grains. Budget of around £1000 Please contact if suitable... Grey African parrot called Elvis You will also need a cage to transport the bird to your home upon purchase and during trips to the veterinarian. She is also the proud and doting auntie to a standard wirehaired dachshund named Flash Gordon. These costs are from modifying your home to accommodate your pet. They have two main subspecies: the Congo African grey which is slightly bigger with a bright red tail, gray feathers, and black beak and the Timneh African grey which has a maroon tail, darker shade of gray feathers, and a two-tone beak of red and brown hues. The typical price range of this type of bird is between $500 and $4,000, with the difference in price depends on a lot of factors like the subspecies, source, age, etc. Your pet will need to be brought to a specialist whether it is an avian veterinarian or a specialty center where the veterinarians are skilled in exotics.