The YS640s is the marquee product of the Yoder Smokers new S Series Pellet Grill line. With second-to-none build craftsmanship, the S Series Pellet Grills help to produce the flavor that only wood fires can produce, all with the ease of "set it and forget it" operation. YS640 S. Pellet Grill STARTING AT $1,799.00 + SHIPPING. I was seeing temperature variations anywhere between 50-80 degrees when cooking at temps below 300. In addition, you can get yourself a removable second shelf that adds 65% to the cooking surface area – bringing the total space to 1,070 square inches. 2. Yoder Smokers pride themselves on how well their smokers and pellet grills do on the competition barbecue circuit and it is true that you find a lot of their products used to turn in winning barbecue. Yoder Smokers S Series Pellet Grills also offer superior quality and taste when used traditionally as a pellet fired smoker. Thanks for a great review. This model is specifically configured for the big events. 3. So, what is the “perfect” location of the YS640 variable damper to get side to side and top to bottom The Yoder Smokers Pellet grills are hand built by certified boilermakers and are imported exclusively and directly from Kansas, USA. Simply the World’s Best Pellet Grill! Yoder Smoker YS640 Grill Cover. I’ve did 5 or so smoke’s on it and a few grill’s. I own a YS640 Comp and live w/in 80 miles of Blazin'. Shop America's largest selection of Yoder Competition Grade BBQ Products including the award winning Yoder YS640s WiFi Pellet Grill, Yoder YS480s WiFi Pellet Grill, Yoder OffSet Grills, and much more.Choose from a full line of Yoder Smoker Custom Competition Carts, Trailers, and Accessories.Call Toll Free: 888-313-2737 to speak with an Authorized Yoder Grill Dealer Today! It also has 2 cooking grates of 16 x 20 inches in the main chamber. Cheapest of the 3. ... Yoder YS640 on Comp cart Klose 20x42 Charcoal Grill LSG Insulated Cabinet Jumbo Joe VacMaster … Yoder 24 x 48 Flattop Charcoal Grill Competition Cart Yoder 24 x 48 Flattop Charcoal Grill Competition Cart $ 2,699.00 $ 2,699.00. The first is size. Compare. The second difference is the addition of the Variable Displacement Damper (VDD) in the YS640. There are two differences between the YS480 and the YS640. Good reputation as a company. Website Price plus Shipping Our well respected and popular YS640s is just at home on the competition circuit as it is the back yard. With expansive cooking surfaces-ranging from 800 to 1,070 square inches-combined with nearly twelve inches of headroom, there’s plenty of room for anything, including beer can chickens or turkeys. The reason I purchased it was because of the uneven temps I was seeing in the YS640 cooking chamber from left to right. Contact Us. Yoder Smokers Pellet Grills come standard with the Yoder Smokers ACS Control System featuring Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as two integrated food probes for monitoring. There are many reasons why buyers love it, and we can enumerate them here. And among the Yoder grills, this model is the most popular. Retailing for $1,799, the Yoder Smokers YS640s is not for the budget-conscious backyard chef but for the discerning pitmaster who is looking for one of the best pellet grills his or her money can buy. Reviews (0) Description Maintain grill temperatures and lessen fuel consumption by using Yoder’s fitted Thermal Insulating Jacket during cold weather cooking. This is a list, compiled by our experts, of the absolute best yoder ys640 for sales that Amazon has to offer. Yoder Pellet Smoker Review. Contact Us. LOOKING FOR REVIEWS FOR Yoder Smokers Adjustable Charcoal Grill August 24, 2019, 09:28 AM. I have been wanting one for a few years now. | 877-409-6337 Yoder Smokers are competition grade barbecue pits made in the … LOOKING FOR SOME INSITE ON THIS GRILL ALMOST HAVE PERMISION ALSO LOOKING AT THE M-1 AT BIG PAPA SMOKERS, ANY FIRST HAND KNOWLAGE OR ONERSHIP. With expansive cooking surfaces-ranging from 480 to 640 square inches-combined with nearly twelve inches of headroom, there’s plenty of room … The "big diff" on what you asked in your question is that the Yoder is on a competition cart. It also has a side out shelf that adds to its cooking space. Posted on May 30, 2012 by Ernie Rupp. Yoder is not an ancient brand yet; they are relatively new, but their product already has a good reputation and is considered among the best pellet grills on the markets. Yoder 24 x 48 Flattop Charcoal Grill Competition Cart Yoder 24 x 48 Flattop Charcoal Grill Competition Cart $ 2,699.00 $ 2,699.00. I don't have a ys640 but here is a review about the rust issues & Yoder even tweets this on their Twitter page. Hands down Rob Green over at offers one of the best reviews of Yoder Smokers available anywhere. That’s why the Yoder pellet grill would be the right choice. You will have similar results on both and expect similar support if needed. 43K likes. Runner up – Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Smoker. I am based out of Kansas City and I am a new blogger and for The YS640s screams quality, from its full steel construction to the proprietary micro-controller chip and code combination that Yoder uses in place of the more common PID controllers. We have the remedy! Yoder YS640 Review If the Rec Tec grill is too large for your patio and lifestyle, the Yoder YS640 might be just enough for you. $122.99. Yoder Smokers. For this review, we’ve gathered information on the Yoder YS480 and YS640 to see how they stack up against their competition over at Traeger. Product Review: Yoder YS 640 Pellet Grill. Yoder Smoker Pellet Smoker/Grills come standard with an easy-to-use digital control and two convenient exterior shelves. You can pretty much run that thing over grass or compact gravel. Write a Review × Yoder Smokers Yoder Smokers YS640s ... Yoder Smokers YS640 Heat Diffuser with Access Door. Since they’re from the same grill series, they’re virtually identical in every way except size. Traeger is the original brand of … Yoder YS640 w/Comp Cart & 2-piece diffuser: Pros: Can get to high temps (~700F with grill grates) for searing, still has 2-zone ability. Add to wishlist. Cons: High pellet consumption. Yoder YS640 grill has a total cooking space of 1070sq inches which is near about the same as RT-700. The cooking chamber is 12 inches tall that can easily fit big size turkeys and beer can chickens. $189.99. Here is a fact for consideration: All testing and programming at the Yoder Smokers factory is done with the YS640 variable damper fully pulled to the chimney end of the cooker, i.e., the handle pulled completely out to the right of the cooker. Designed for the Yoder YS640; Set Includes: (3) 19.25" GrillGrate Panels; Assembled Dimensions: 19.25” Deep by 15.375” Wide; GrillGrates for pellet grills sit on top of the existing surface; On pellet grills that have a smokestack, place the GrillGrates on the stack side I hope you enjoy. The grill is WiFi-enabled and uses Yoder’s YS Drive app. Yoder Smokers, Hutchinson, Kansas. Most basic setup, few parts to break. Each has been vetted for value, features, and customer satisfaction. Hope that will come true soon. I have only heard of rust issues, & that is a non PID controller & that the metal is pretty thick causing a little time to get to temp. I bought this to use in my Yoder YS640. ♔ Runner Up. I've narrowed my choices to two grills: the Yoder YS640 (first two pics) vs the Blazin Grill Works Grid Iron (second two pics). I would like to say hello and introduce myself. Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill with ACS . Quick view Add to My Wish List. yoder ys640 for sale blues? What are the differences between the YS480 and the YS640? Free Shipping by Amazon. after 3 smokes my differ was warped (Yoder sent a replacement), the counterweight touch’s the back of the grill, this has caused the paint to come off (Yoder … I think cooker for cooker they are both built like tanks. Full Review – Yoder YS1500 Pellet Grill. Yoder YS640 Pellet Grill You already knew about Yoder company, which has competed with other pellet grills brands. Memphis Grills Beale Street Wi-Fi Controlled 26-Inch 430 Stainless Steel Pellet Grill - BGSS26. 1-16 of 117 results for "Yoder YS640" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ... Goodreads Book reviews & recommendations: IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities: IMDbPro Get Info Entertainment Professionals Need: Josh walks you through the YS480 and YS640 pellet cookers from Yoder Smokers, giving you the details on both the good and bad, and why he believes these are the. I am a pharmacist in my daily life but my passion is BBQ. I've owned the Yoder YS640 for almost a year now and these are my thoughts of the product both as a smoker and a grill. The Yoder YS640 is large, capable and perfect for making serious barbecue. The YS640 Pellet Grill Yoder Smokers Pellet Grills come standard with an easy-to-use digital control and two convenient exterior shelves. The YS640 pellet smoker has 640 square inches of grilling surface. Full Review – Yoder YS-640 Pellet Grill Yoder Smokers produces a wide range of outdoor cooking products including some of the best pellet grills. The Yoder YS640 retails for $1,299. The YS640s competition pellet grill comes fully equipped with the NEW Yoder Smokers ACS Control System with two integrated food probes and New ceramic ignition system. Quick view Add to My Wish List. good review, I’ve owned my Yoder ys640 for a few months now. Word of mouth is that it … My name is Ernie Rupp. Yoder smokers are named after the size of the cooking surface. The cooking surfaces are 33% larger on the YS640. The cooking chamber is made out of 10-gauge steel while the hopper and cart are made out of 14-gauge steel.